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Not an overnight success, for almost three decades MIS procured every opportunity to secure its status as one of Egypt's early pioneers in networking, data comm. and security setting ground for a new era of IT indulgence. Engineering cutting-edge Technologies, MIS prides itself in being an early on stage player among a few others in customizing a wide range of security solutions, envisaged, designed, honed for upgrades by MIS superlative team of experts. Whether it be data mobility, PDA applications.
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MIS highly specialized in providing well integrated networks , MIS is widely known as a distinguished supplier of smart cards based solutions for banking & non banking financial organizations , hardware and software installation, system configuration, support, site preparation, testing and debugging …we also deliver a combination of security solutions depending on a diversified portfolio of technologies ranging from system security, data encryption, access control, key management schemes, security assessments to EMV, voice recording solutions and surveillance systems.

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